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About Us

Our Mission Statement

Fort Garry Women’s Resource Centre is a not-for-profit, feminist organization supporting women to engage in healthy life choices for themselves and their families through innovative and responsive programming and excellence in service.

Our Vision Statement

Fort Garry Women’s Resource Centre is committed to creating a community where women & children are safe, healthy, valued and empowered.

FGWRC’s Herstory is adapted from a former FGWRC newsletter article in 1994.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Who can access services at FGWRC?2018-10-22T14:43:03+00:00

FGWRC is open to all women regardless of their cultural, racial, economic, social, religious and spiritual backgrounds. We are welcoming of individuals with differing experiences and those of differing abilities, ages and sizes. We welcome self-identified-women who identify as either heterosexual, lesbian, bisexual, trans, transsexual, or intersex.

Does FGWRC charge for services?2018-10-19T15:21:28+00:00

No. All programs and services provided by FGWRC are free of charge and available through self-referral.

I am not from Fort Garry; can I use FGWRC’s services?2018-10-19T17:46:36+00:00

Yes. FGWRC offers free support and services to women and children from all over Winnipeg and surrounding areas.

What does women-only Centre mean?2018-10-19T15:21:50+00:00

FGWRC is a women-only Centre offering program and services to any self-identified-women.

*We ask that men who come with women to appointments wait outside of the Centre.

What does self-identified woman mean?2018-10-19T15:22:02+00:00

Self-identified woman refers to any person who currently identifies as a woman, including, trans, transsexual, and intersex women.

Does FGWRC have an executive director?2018-10-19T15:22:12+00:00

No. FGWRC operates as a collective within a feminist philosophy utilizing consensus decision making and is overseen by a volunteer board of directors.

Does FGWRC have a waitlist for ongoing counselling?2018-10-19T15:22:19+00:00

Yes. There is a waitlist for our ongoing individual counselling program. Please call the Centre for more information.

Are all staff female?2018-10-19T17:47:19+00:00

Yes. FGWRC has a women only staff, board and volunteers.

Does FGWRC offer Drop-in or Crisis Counselling?2018-10-19T15:22:35+00:00

No. Please call us for alternative resources in the community.

Does FGWRC provide counselling over email or phone?2018-10-19T15:22:44+00:00

No. FGWRC counselling is in-person only.

What about court mandated programming, advocacy services or home visits?2018-10-22T14:31:14+00:00

FGWRC does not provide any specific mandated counselling or programs and does not provide letters for court. FGWRC also does not offer advocacy services or home visits.

All of our programs and services are available by self-referral.

Does FGWRC offer free computer use?2018-10-19T15:23:10+00:00

Yes. Our Outreach office has community computers available for use. Please call the Centre for available times.

Does FGWRC offer services after hours?2018-10-19T15:23:21+00:00

Yes. FGWRC offers some services after hours. For more information please call the Centre during our regular office hours.

Does FGWRC provide childcare?2018-10-19T15:23:29+00:00

Yes. Our Outreach office provides childcare for specific programming and would be clearly marked on all advertising.

Does FGWRC accept clothing or household donations?2020-03-09T18:39:46+00:00

FGWRC does not accept clothing/household donations. Please call the Centre to be referred to other resources in need.

How do I support FGWRC?2018-10-19T18:59:05+00:00

FGWRC appreciates any support that individuals are able to offer. Please visit our support us page for more information.

Our Object

The object shall be the operation of a Centre for women providing information, referrals, outreach, supportive counselling, and public education workshops.

Our Policy
  1. It shall be the policy of the Centre to incorporate a feminist philosophy, i.e., supporting the rights of women to be full and equal members of society.
  2. It shall be the policy of the Centre to promote tolerance within its sphere of operation. Discrimination based on employment status, ancestry, citizenship, age, race, creed, socio-economic status, religious or political affiliation, marital status, family status, physical or mental capacity, sexual orientation or sexual identity is prohibited.
  3. It shall be the policy of the Centre to ensure that all women share an equal opportunity to access services. Furthermore, no woman will be denied serviced based on her ability to compensate the Centre.
  4. It shall be the policy of the Centre to design and deliver services and programs in a manner that promotes self-esteem, independence, individual decision-making, and recognize the individuals’ own declarations of needs and preferences.
  5. It shall be the policy of the Centre that people who use the Centre have the right to confidentiality and privacy with regard to any type of contact with the Centre. The Centre shall have written policies and procedures in place to ensure that the confidentiality and privacy of women is respected.
Our Funders

Thank you so much to our generous Funders! Fort Garry Women’s Resource Centre is so grateful for the generosity of our many Funders and Donors.

Because of you, our quality programming can continue to reach hundreds of women & children, at no cost to them!

Safety Alert

If you are in danger, please use a safe computer.

Call 911 or Klinic at 204-786-8686 or the Domestic Violence Crisis Line 1-877-977-0007 (toll-free in Manitoba).

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