What a month! From start to finish, February has a lot to offer:

  • To start, February is Black History month. If you’re interested in reading about achievements of notable black women in our Canadian history, please click here.
  • The first week of February is Eating Disorders Awareness week. If you would like more information about eating disorders, please check out the Eating Disorders Manitoba website by clicking here.
  • February 6 is the International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation. For more information, please click here.
  • February 8 – 14 recognizes Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Week (SRH Week). You can find out more about this, here.
  • The International Day of Women and Girls in Science will be held on February 11. Here are a few organizations that promote women and girls in science fields, please click: The Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology; Canadian Women in Science and Engineering (CWSE); Women in Science and Engineering.
  • And finally, February 15 is our very own Louis Riel Day! Hopefully you’ll have a chance to spend some time with your family, and learn more about the Métis people’s culture, language, heritage and ancestral homeland.
    For information about this holiday, please click here.

At the time of writing, we remain under code red restrictions. This means that we are providing counselling and check-ins via telephone and Zoom. Our outreach will be offering drop-in via Zoom (see below), as well as the public education program continues to provide events by Zoom.

We have noted an increase in calls from educators, childcare providers, and healthcare workers. If you are a woman struggling through COVID-19, or just struggling in general, know that we are here to help.

Educators, Childcare Providers, Healthcare Workers:

If you are a woman struggling through COVID-19, we are here to help!

Fort Garry Women’s Resource Centre offers:

  • One time counselling sessions
  • Free counselling for up to 1 year (waitlist)
  • Referrals to other organizations
  • Emergency food and hygiene kits

For more information call or email us at 204-477-1123 or info@fgwrc.ca. We are open Monday – Friday from 9am – 4pm.

Fort Garry Women’s Resource Centre misses seeing you in person, and look forward to doing that again soon!

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Workshops & Events

February Workshops Facilitated on Zoom

(there is no charge to attend workshops)

Where Do I Start? Top Questions Asked Of
Family Lawyers – Answered!

Tuesday February 9   |   12:00 pm – 1:00 pm   |   Via Zoom

Presented by Hilary Taylor And Mercedes Ayala, Associates with
Mitousis Lemieux Howard Law Corporation

Are you considering separation or divorce from your spouse or common-law partner? Feeling like you do not know where to start or what questions to ask? Hilary Taylor and Mercedes Ayala of Mitousis Lemieux Howard Law Corporation will answer the most common questions they hear during legal consultations as family lawyers, such as questions about the difference between separation and divorce, parenting arrangements, child and spousal support and property division, and what process options exist for moving forward.  There will be some time for you to ask the lawyers your own questions on this topic.

Space is limited – Pre registration is required by calling (204) 477-1123. This is a women only event.

Money Management Training

Tuesdays February 16-April 20   |   6:00 pm – 7:00 pm   |   Via Zoom

Presented by Anneliese Schoppe – Seed Winnipeg Inc.

It’s never too late to . . .   S T A R T   S A V I N G!

SEED Winnipeg’s Money Management Training offers:

•           Support with financial literacy

•           Money Management Training workshops that cover a variety of topics from Budgeting, Saving, Banking, Credit and more benefit supports and resources

•           Certificate upon completion

Space is limited – Pre registration is required by calling (204) 477-1123. This is a women only event.

Nutrition for Healthy Bones – Osteoporosis Canada

Tuesday February 16, 2021   |   10:30 am – 11:30 am   |   Via Zoom

Presented by Pat McCarthy-Briggs, MHEd, Fracture Prevention Education Volunteer

This presentation will discuss how nutrition affects bone health and how making healthy food choices are essential to build and maintain the best bones for the body. Nutrition, especially calcium, plays an important role in preventing osteoporosis.

Positive lifestyle choices can help maintain healthy bones, reduce the risk of fractures and support healing if one has had a fracture.

Space is limited – Pre registration is required by calling (204) 477-1123. This is a women only event.

Building Self-Esteem:
Practicing the skills of worth, love and growing

Thursday February 18   |   12:00 pm – 2:00 pm   |   Via Zoom

Presented by Rebecca Trudeau, Skills Teaching Specialist YMCA-YWCA of Winnipeg

The late comedian George Burns observed that most of the things that make people happy – Health, marriage, raising a family, self-respect and so forth – do not fall into our laps, and we “have to work at them a little”.

That is also true with self-esteem. Like cultivating a garden, building self-esteem involves consistent effort and acquired skills. In this workshop, we will highlight what those efforts may look like through defining self-esteem and practicing the skill building factors of unconditional human worth, unconditional love and growing. 

Space is limited – Pre registration is required by calling (204) 477-1123. This is a women only event.

Organizing with Sara: Tips and Tricks to get your home in order

Wednesday February 24, 2021   |   6:00 pm – 7:00 pm   |   Via Zoom

Presented by Sara Verwymeren, Three Pines Organization

Let’s get organized! Learn how to reclaim your space with local professional organizer, Sara Verwymeren. This 1-hour virtual workshop will equip you with the tools and solutions you need to start taking back control of your home.

Be clutter free this spring! Join us for this fun and engaging class.

Space is limited – Pre registration is required by calling (204) 477-1123. This is a women only event.

There is no charge for FGWRC Workshops

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Offering FREE legal consultation (Up to 30 minutes) for women who have legal questions or concerns in the area of:

– Family Law

– Poverty Law (issues relating to social assistance,

MPI, Pension benefits, housing, and WCB claims)

– Human rights and equality rights

– Employment law, including wrongful dismissal

– personal injury and;

– Other general litigation matters

Until we are able to hold in-person legal clinics, we will be offering scheduled appointments. These appointments will be facilitated as either a zoom call, or a telephone call.

The legal consultation clinic is designed only for women who have not dealt with a lawyer.  Lawyers will provide legal information – not advice. Consultation information may also be conducted at the discretion of the lawyer.

If you would like to participate in this, you can choose which type of call you would prefer, and you can also choose to participate from your own home (or car or what have you), or we can set you up in a private room at Fort Garry Women’s Resource Centre. Pre registration is required by calling (204) 477-1123.

Outreach Office

104-3100 Pembina Hwy

Online Drop-in

Tuesdays in February, 2021   |   11:00 am – 12:00 pm   |   Via Zoom

Our online drop-in is a safe place to connect with other women, talk with staff, and get information and referrals. You can join in at anytime throughout the hour. Sign up for as many or as few sessions as you like.

Call (204) 477-1123 or email info@fgwrc.ca to register.

FGWRC Book Club – Eat Pray Love

Tuesdays in February, 2021   |   1:00 – 2:00 pm   |   Via Zoom

February 16, February 23, March 2, March 9
What to expect: The book is provided (you must make arrangements to pick it up at one of our locations), group discussion, home and group reading.

Call (204) 477-1123 or email info@fgwrc.ca to register.

Coffee With A Cop

Tuesday February 22, 2021   |   12:00 pm – 1:00 pm   |   Via Zoom

This is a safe place to connect with a police officer and find answers to some of your burning questions.

Call (204) 477-1123 or email info@fgwrc.ca to register.

These services are free. Women only.

For more information on programs visit www.fgwrc.ca or call (204) 477-1123

Monetary donations can be made onsite or via our Support Us page on our website
FGWRC Charitable #108082389RR0001

For more information about our programs or services, please visit www.fgwrc.ca or call (204) 477-1123.

FGWRC is a scent-sensitive environment.