“A fallen leaf is nothing more than a Summer’s wave goodbye.” – Unknown

Check out our upcoming November Workshops and Events! Hope to see you there!

Current Restrictions leave us providing:

  • Women’s Counselling: In-person;
  • Children’s Counselling: In-person;
  • Outreach: Drop-in (virtual & limited occupancy) & Harvest by appointment;
  • Workshops and Groups: Virtual;
  • Resources: Limited Occupancy;
  • Emergency Food & Hygiene: Pre-Arranged Pick Up (when available)

Are you sick? | Have you been exposed to COVID-19?
If you answer yes to either question, please do not come to the Centre.
Go home and call Health Links – Info Santé (204-788-8200 or 1-888-315-9257) or use the online screening tool at https://sharedhealthmb.ca/covid19/  to see whether you need to isolate or be tested.

Have you travelled in the past 14 days?
You may need to self-isolate. Check https://manitoba.ca/covid19/travel for the most up to date requirements for travellers.

At the Centre:

  • Please arrive at your appointment time, not beforehand
    (Our goal is to limit people in the waiting area).
  • Clients are asked to refrain from bringing guests or children
    (1 person in the Centre per appointment time).
  • Mandatory mask use for staff and clients
  • Wash or sanitize hands immediately upon entering the office
  • Coffee, tea, and water will not be available
  • Staff will provide each client with their own tissue pack
  • Staff will wipe everything down after each client
  • Physical distancing, except for brief exchanges

    If you have any questions, please call us at (204) 477-1123