Don’t be fooled. 

Self care isn’t just about getting your nails done, a fancy new hat nor does it have to cost anything at all. 

Self-care is an intentional act to connect with yourself. Whether mind, body, or spirit, when we pay attention to these parts of ourselves we are going to feel the benefits. 

Do you currently have a daily practice that helps you connect? Maybe a journal or a run, it might even be the commute to or from work. 

Often we say we don’t have time for it, but I challenge that, I believe we don’t know where to start or even what it means for us. 

So if that is you, someone who has shrugged off self-care for the time or the money you think it costs. This is your sign to lean in, take out a pen and paper find a quiet spot and ask yourself these 3 questions:

What matters most in my life? 

When do I feel most alive?

What can I forgive myself for today? 

If these were helpful, check back for 5 new prompts !